The Case for Policy

By Peter Nogalo In an era of seemingly perpetual scandal and corresponding public cynicism, it can sometimes be difficult to make the case for public policy, let alone politics. Still, sound public policy and governance are key components to building

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Improve Your Marketing ROI with Personas

By Chris Hubbard Undertaking B2B marketing without knowing the people you’re marketing to is like putting a blindfold on before throwing darts. You may have a general idea of where the dartboard is, but if you hit the bulls-eye, it’s

Are we getting any better at executing strategic plans?

By Fred Pidsadny I’ve been wondering about that ever since I read the groundbreaking June 2008 Harvard Business Review report, “The Secrets to Successful Strategy.”  That study revealed that a full 60 per cent of organizations assessed themselves as ‘poor’

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Is your Estate trapped in minimizing the Probate cost?

By Dorothy Hagel You may be very surprised that there are reasons why I would not always agree with your financial advisor who keeps on telling you that you should do everything possible to minimize the cost of probating your

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Top Five Characteristics of a Good First Aider Candidate

By Dianne Rende In Ontario, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) contain regulations relating to first aid in the workplace. It is a common misconception that certifying one employee in First Aid

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Put yourself in the top 10% Lead with the four critical aspects of fit.

By Jan van der Hoop Nearly 90% of the time, the reason people fail in their job has nothing to do with skills or experience, and everything to do with attitudes and fit. We’ve all hired someone who looked great

We are ramping up in March

By Candice Ragoonanan A very busy month as planning for our first signature event of 2015 (Nine, Dine & Network Golf event) ramps up! up!  Some great prizes to be won, including  2 round trip airline tickets to anywhere in

Board of Trade…The Original Social Network

By Sheldon Leiba Before there was Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, business people had an interest and need to connect with one another, for business networking, sharing, learning, and exchange.  Throughout time there has been no better social network than the

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