Mississauga Board of Trade Supports City of Mississauga NAFTA Resolution

Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


June 21, 2018


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June 21, Mississauga, Ontario —  Mississauga City Council voted yesterday to support a Notice of Motion proposed by Mayor Bonnie Crombie and Councillor Karen Ras (Ward 2) to lend support to the Federal Government in the ongoing NAFTA negotiations and current trade disputes with the United States.


The Notice of Motion reads as follows:


Whereas Canada and the United States are allies with a long history of working cooperatively together; and


Whereas Canada and the United States have enjoyed a free trade relationship for over 30 years that has resulted in economic prosperity for both countries; and


Whereas the United States is Canada’s largest trading partner with the value of trade between Canada and the United States reaching $673 billion in 2017; and


Whereas Mississauga is a global city, home to over 90,000 businesses, including 73 Fortune 500 companies, 1,400 multi-national firms, and 87,000 small and medium sized businesses, all of which rely on a free and fair trading relationship with the United States; and


Whereas the United States has recently announced tariffs on important materials such as steel and aluminum, forcing Canada to impose retaliatory tariffs on American products; and


Whereas these tariffs will have a negative impact on local businesses, especially manufacturers; and


Whereas the current administration in the United States has engaged in unfair criticism of the Canadian government and has threatened to “punish” Canadians with further tariffs…


Therefore, be it resolved that:


The Council of the City of Mississauga supports the position of our federal government to advocate for a fair free trade deal between Canada and the United States that benefits Canadian businesses, workers, and consumers; and


That the Mayor forward this resolution to the Prime Minister and the Ministers of International Trade and Foreign Affairs; and


That the Mayor will work with cities in the United States, with which Mississauga has close economic ties, and our local businesses with close financial ties to the United States, to underscore the importance of striking a balance and reaching a fair free trade deal for both countries.


“The Mississauga Board of Trade is appreciative of the support from the Mayor and Members of Council as businesses struggle through this current trade environment,” said David Wojcik, President & CEO.  “We continue to work with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is advancing Canada’s position that a re-negotiated and modernized NAFTA agreement benefits all countries going forward.”





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