Oct. 21 – It’s Time for Bold Vision on Our Waterfront

Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


October 21, 2019


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It’s Time for Bold Vision on Our Waterfront by David Wojcik, President & CEO, Mississauga Board of Trade

For decades, the residents and businesses of Mississauga have been cut off from our waterfront. The former power plant provided electricity to the region and helped to facilitate the growth of our city, but the move towards modern energy sources has created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a vibrant community hub, tourist destination, and economic engine on the shores of Lake Ontario.

With the blank canvass of Lakeview Village, we can build a complete community to create the jobs of the future. To attract tourism dollars and world-class events. To build a range of high-quality housing options for professionals of all ages, new families, and business owners looking to plant roots in the region but feel priced out of the market.

Lakeview Community Partners Limited, the team behind Lakeview Village – the major redevelopment project between Long Branch and Port Credit south of Lakeshore Road    have presented a bold vision to reimagine our waterfront. It includes space for housing, for jobs, for retail, and for innovation. In short, it can be the economic centre that a power plant could not.

The Serson Innovation Corridor is the type of project that Mississauga needs to bring innovative, high-tech companies to the region. It will create the type of jobs that Mississauga needs to keep and attract the brightest minds and top talent.

The waterfront parks and unmatched pier set out in the Lakeview Village plan will activate the economic potential of our lakeshore. Instead of watching tourist dollars pass from Pearson to downtown Toronto, our waterfront will bring large events and jobs to our community. It will create a destination for people across Southern Ontario, and beyond, looking for a day on the lake or a weekend away. It will give us a reason to spend our entertainment dollars at home. It will provide an unparalleled urban waterfront experience in the region – making Mississauga a go-to example of waterfront done right.

The Lakeview Master Plan will be presented to the City of Mississauga Planning & Development Committee on October 28, 2019.  The Mississauga Board of Trade believes the Plan should be endorsed so we can get on with building a world-class waterfront for residents, businesses and visitors for generations to come.

When faced with this kind of decision, it’s easy to think small and to play it safe. But Mississauga is a world-class city with a substantial business presence, and we shouldn’t settle for anything less than remarkable. As we grow, we have the chance to create something unique – a waterfront that’s the envy of every city. Let’s keep Mississauga’s incredible success and momentum going – it’s time for a bold vision for our waterfront.


David Wojcik, President & CEO

Mississauga Board of Trade



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