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Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


August 5, 2021


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Author: Christopher Kim, Founder and CEO of NetDynamic Consulting Inc.

Your NetSuite ERP Consultants for continued business growth!

Is your business operating on a cloud-based software? If so, chances are you are using the world’s #1 cloud ERP software, Oracle NetSuite. If not, it’s time to make the switch. Mainly since several businesses have reaped benefits in terms of cost-savings and efficiencies, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The real question though is, how can you make the most of your NetSuite investment and use the all-encompassing software to its full potential?

While choosing NetSuite for your business is only halfway to ERP heaven, the key to a successful implementation rests in choosing the right consulting team and customizing NetSuite to fit your business needs. This ensures seamless organizational harmony, a crucial endeavour to make sure you satisfy the needs of all stakeholders and meet long term business goals.

NetDynamic Consulting Inc. is an Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner and your leading NetSuite specialists, providing cloud-based business management and software solutions. Established in 2018, with over 150 years of NetSuite experience, we’re focused on unlocking the full value of your NetSuite investment and maximizing your business’s ability to run more efficiently and profitably.

Every company is different and one solution never fits all. Every business has unique models, processes, operations, and goals. And so, every software implementation needs to follow a proven methodology. When implementing NetSuite, deep expertise is required to customize elements to fit your unique business requirements. This helps eliminate unintended consequences that will waste time, cause frustrations, and decrease the software’s effectiveness. NetDynamic provides your business, access to a dedicated team of CPAs and MBAs with extensive NetSuite experience. We also offer custom NetSuite solutions across multiple industries like wholesale distribution, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and logistics to name a few.

As a NetSuite Alliance Partner, we deliver expertise in revenue management, multi-book accounting, user acceptance testing, go-live support and 3rd party software integrations. From launching the NetSuite accounting system for start-ups to managing global subsidiary businesses, our key services include NetSuite implementations and managed services. Our exclusive product packs range from consolidated invoicing & payments, billing schedules, CRM and e-commerce solutions to the 360-degree ATS system. Aligning your business for continued success, our products and services encompass all business functions in one system of truth.

With the pandemic, several companies are migrating to cloud-based ERP systems to seamlessly manage their operations in this new normal. And with hundreds of successful engagements, NetDynamic is perfectly positioned to work with you in implementing or enhancing your NetSuite instance. Our team of certified NetSuite consultants have a passion for translating business into NetSuite through innovative solutions – A team of advisors you can fully trust for your NetSuite investment.

Connect with us for a Free Assessment of your ERP system and let’s embark on a dynamic journey to elevated business operations with NetSuite and NetDynamic. Reach us at 1888-232-3319.


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Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade
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