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MBOT plays an important leadership role serving and representing the interests of business of all sizes and sectors in our community.

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One of the largest and most influential chambers of commerce in North America, we connect the business community through a constant flow of ideas, people and introductions.

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From policy advocacy that connects city builders with government and small business scale-up programs through the World Trade Centre Toronto, to networking events and professional development, what you need is what we provide.


Professional Development

We offer workshops, information sessions, and guest speakers to provide insight, knowledge, and strategies to our membership.


Networking & Awareness

Connect with members to build your brand, reach new customers, influence decision makers, and raise your business’ profile.


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MBOT offers private boardrooms and media studio at its office in Mississauga’s city centre area.



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From human resources and education to government affairs and international trade, MBOT continues to provide an avenue for members to collaborate on ideas and influence public policy.


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The Mississauga Board of Trade

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Since 1961

MBOT has played an important leadership role serving and representing the interests of business of all sizes and sectors in our community.

As the “Voice of Business” our award-winning business advocacy focuses on policy issues at all levels of government that impact business success and we are influential in helping to influence policy outcomes. MBOT also offers a wide variety of valuable business services and professional development programs, networking events and marketing opportunities, to help business grow, prosper, and get connected.

MBOT Media

Meet the Member

Anthony Ferreria provides an exclusive glimpse into our members and their businesses. By showcasing their stories and accomplishments, he sheds light on their contributions to the business world.

Event Recaps

Events are an integral part of MBOT and bring together people from the business community. Revisit the excitement, inspiration, and significance of these events and the impact they have had on individuals and communities.

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Enterprises in Mississauga
Mississauga Small Business 
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Business Resources

Here, you will find a diverse range of articles, editorials, and informative content curated for MBOT members and Mississauga’s business community.

Your Business Pays for Rain – Here’s How to Pay Less

Embracing Fall in Mississauga’s Business Community

Nurturing Economic Growth: The Vital Role of Small Businesses

Home Care or Retirement Home—What’s Best for my Senior Loved Ones?

The Pandemic, Canadian Businesses, and the Government’s Response

“Good” Names that make for “Bad” Trademarks

Understanding the Road Ahead

Changin’ Times Demand Creative and Innovative Thinking

Less is More: 5 Tips to Save Time, Money, and the Planet

Summer in the City

Looking Out for Our Members is Job #1

Key Considerations When Selling Your Business

No One Gets Left Behind

Standing Out on Sustainability – Building for Our Future

Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Property in the Spring

Business Immigration – Canada and U.S. – What You Need to Know Right Now

Investing in Nature: The Next Frontier for Sustainable Businesses

Single Use Plastics Prohibition Regulations

10 Good Habits for Business Owners

Net Zero Can Be a Net Win For Mississauga

Brighter Days Ahead

Live Vibrantly, Indulge in Sophistication

Top 5 Tips When Selling Your Home

Business Immigration – Canada and U.S.

Square One: A Historic Landmark, Heartbeat of our City

In a World Full of Uncertainty for Businesses, Here’s One Thing You Can Control Unleash the Power of Productivity

Five Common Will Myths: Debunked

How to Mitigate the Impact of the Coming Recession Through Invoice Factoring

With No “Overnight Fix, the Solution is Clear

Four Reasons To Separate Your Personal And Business Banking

New Chair Welcome

What is Houselife?

Business Immigration – Canada and U.S. – What You Need to Know Right Now

Rising Interest Rates Drives Transport Sector To Shift Focus

Competing with Creativity

Your Local Retirement Living Specialists

Funding and Partnerships to Make Your Sustainability Projects Happen

Illumi Mississauga – A Dazzling World Of Lights

The Partners in Project Green Fall Forum

Innovating Homecare: A Quest To Establish A Better Model For Homecare In Ontario

Canadian Natural Gas: Fuelling Industries, Enabling Renewables and Powering Lives

How to Make Money with Trademarks

IN THE NEWS: Ontario’s Prohibition on Non-Compete Agreements

For Love of Your Parents’

The Political Round Up

How Diversity Can Boost Your Company’s Growth And Innovation

A New Strategic Direction

The Great Resignation

Elavon: Building a strategy to successfully fight chargebacks

Elavon: Faster payment checkout methods will soon be the norm

Elavon: Are your returns properly authorized prior to settlement?

Elavon: What’s driving mobile wallet’s staying power?

Business Immigration – Canada And U.S. – What You Need To Know Right Now

Build a Bird-friendly Business

How To Prime Your Business For Higher Interest Rates

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority: Helping Tourism Take Off

Transitioning under Ontario’s Not-for-Profit Corporations Act

The Political Round Up

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Digitize Your Business

One Year In: Let’s Do This Mississauga!

Looking Ahead

Attracting and Retaining Talent is Key! Immigration Strategies for Canadian Companies

Quick Start to Corporate Social Responsibility

Canada’s Bank For Business Owners Builds On Success In Ontario

Leveraging Foreign Talent for Your Business

Get to Know Your DMO: Meet Tourism Mississauga


Salumatics Document Shredding Program, Making a Difference Locally

Significant Changes in Ontario Estates Law

New Anti-money Laundering Measures

Elavon: Diligence essential to maintaining data security

Business Acquisitions: A Powerful Strategy for Growth

Getting Parents to Accept Help: 10 Tips

Five Facts To Convince Your Boss To Hire A Co-op Student

The Political Round Up

Houselife Services

Working Remotely Creates Risks, but There are Solutions

Identify What You Can Change. Prepare for What You Cannot.

Springing Forward

Benefits of Hiring PWD


Experiencing an uptick in chargebacks? We can help.

A Seat at the Table

Unleashing the Power of Accommodations

Home Reno Direct: Giving Home Renovation Professionals the Resources They Need to Excel

Parkland: Where Every Day Is An All-inclusive Getaway

Why Your Business Needs A Winter Maintenance Plan

Getting in Front of Your Audience

84% of Canadian Companies Expect to Face Hiring Challenges Over the Next Year

Are you expanding your Canadian Business into the United States? Immigration Strategy is key to your success!

The Post-Pandemic Workplace: How COVID-19 has Changed Employment Relationships

Employers Frustrated by Tightening Job Market

Factoring in Canada since 1989

Businesses of All Sizes Benefitting From Partnerships with Sheridan

The Political Round Up

Cultivating a Listening Culture

Oil and Natural Gas Industry Means Economic Recovery – Even in Ontario

As We Begin the New Year the Focus is On Renewal

Pivoting to a New Year

Renewal of a Commercial Lease – A Landlord’s Silence Does Not Amount to Bad Faith

2 Keys To Business Success In A Changing World

Building Permits and Sprinkler Systems

The Legality Of Covid-related Layoffs Is Still Unclear

Cultural Inclusion Workshop for Leaders & Canadian Newcomers

Nurturing Core Competencies to Achieve Long-term Growth

The Political Round Up

Short Term Support Becomes Home

Why Co-op Opportunities Are More Important Today Than Ever Before

WSIB Reimbursement for COVID-19 Related Time-Off

Preparing for a Post-Pandemic Boom: It’s Up to All of Us

On New Beginnings

Member Spotlight – Paul Jackson

Member Spotlight: Catherine Soplet

Member Spotlight: Jamelle Lindo

Was the House Vacant When the Home Owner Moved Out for Medical Treatment?

People Make The Difference

How We Saved a Small Business 42k Per Year in Lost Revenue

Netsuite Cloud ERP + NetDynamic = Business Success

Congratulations 2020 Business Awards of Excellence Winners!

Significant Changes to 2021 Trust Reporting Requirements

Court Rules that “COVID Leave” or Layoff is a Constructive Dismissal at Common Law

Member Spotlight: Kiran Mann

Major Opportunities for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

The Future of Business is Built on a Semi-colon; the Ethos of a 30-Year-Old Organization

The Political Round Up

Building Back Better Together

The Road to Recovery: Supporting Safe Workplaces Today … and a Resilient Life Sciences Infrastructure for the Future

The Business of Mentorship

5 Tips to Focus Forward by David Wojcik

David Wojcik, MBOT President & CEO, Announces his Retirement

Rethinking and Redefining The Modern-Day Workplace

Member Spotlight: Deborah Kenley

Main Street prepares for a digital future

From Idea Sparks to Flames of Accomplishment

During Times of Uncertainty, We Step Up

Member Spotlight: Sherry Lin

Member Spotlight: Lynda McClatchie

Creating the Workplace of the Future

Member Spotlight: Ted Morgan

Prioritization – Make an easier day for yourself!

Transitioning Your Business to Millennials

Can Cryptocurrency be Inherited?

How to Secure Your Website

Member Spotlight: David Shaw

Talent Gap: The Evolution of Professional Service Providers

Reflexology: Rebooting your Mind and Body

Strengthen your Trademark, Strengthen your Brand

The Post COVID Revolution

Inclusive Workplaces are a Win-Win for Employers

How to Prepare for a Data Disaster

Orchard Villa long term care: How experience and strong relationships helped us tackle an unknown pandemic

Business Success through Personal Growth: Foundational Training and Coaching

The Process of Selling Your Business Has Already Begun

Revolutionizing your Resolutions: Make 2021 a Year of Growth by Learning How to do Business in the Era of the Next Abnormal

Who Are Those Masked People on The Cover?

Business as Usual In Unusual Times-How Our Essential Plumbing Business Makes It Work During the Global Pandemic

Helping Your Business: CECRA Applications – Who Can Apply and What is Covered

Not So Risky Business

Feeling Uncertain During Times of Uncertainty

Working from Home: The Long Game

Identifying “The Gap”

Protecting Remote Desktops at Home

No Unicorns Need Apply

What to do when the bank comes knocking

Mississauga Battles COVID-19 – Restart Your Business Safely

The Political Round Up

The Alchemy of Fear

The Importance of Keeping your Antivirus Software up to Date

The million-dollar differences between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs

Understanding the Family-Business

Meet the makers of Eco-Max

Top 5 Deductions for Small Businesses

Dean Correia – COVID-19 – A Security Nightmare – PODCAST

How to Stand Out Like The Worlds Biggest Brands (Part 2)

Late-Live “Love” and Testamentary Distributions

How To Stand Out Like The World’s Biggest Brands (Part 1)

Ontario launches SMART Green Program for manufacturers

5 Steps to Develop an Online Content Marketing Strategy

First Things First: Fit, then Engagement, then Results

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: The dawning of a new paradigm in business

Ontario Throne Speech hints at increased support for manufacturers

5 Inbound Link Sources to Improve Your Website Rankings

Estate Matters for Common-Law Couples in Ontario

Three common mistakes: What’s it like to be your employee?

10 ways your small business can tap into government funding

Online Marketing Building Blocks

The easy route to blowing the doors off your sales plan

July’s new funding programs for your business!

How to Operationalize Your Online Content Strategy

What Makes a Will Valid?

Hidden Talent: The ROI of harnessing Diff-abilities

Government support for business reaches new heights

Increase Inbound Leads through Strategic Link Building

Embarrassed By Your Organization’s Poor Results?

A Shift in Compensation for Personal Care

Hitting the Panic Button

Moneyball for Hiring? The same lessons play out every day, on the field and at work

Voucher program back for social entrepreneurs

3 Types of Online Advertising that Work for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

May is Vision Health Month. Do You Know What to do in an Eye Emergency?

The Changing Career Path – How the Workforce is Changing and What you Need to do About it

The funding continuum: Where does your business sit?

7 Things You Must Do Continually to be Successful Online 

Organizational Culture- it’s complicated – or is it?

 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Buyer’s Guide

Key Hiring Lessons from Amazon, Uber, Groupon

“You Want to do What? To Whom?” The Ethics of Research involving Human Subjects

Is your business in the mining sector? Find government funding today!

Make your R&D dollars go further with funding from Mitacs

How You Distribute Your Estate May Make a Difference

Is the new CanExport Program right for your business?

Get Started with Online Marketing

Is My Will Valid?

How to successfully partner with other businesses

Will the new federal Liberal government affect funding for my manufacturing business?

Why do I need a Will? Part 2

Federal Mandate Letters: What new funding will your business be able to access?

Keep Them Coming Back: How to Cultivate a Base of Loyal Customers

Why do I need a Will? Part 1

Optimize Your Business for the Mobile World

Preparing your Will

How the Shift to Mobile is Impacting Recruiting Needs

The Case For University

Get your business ready for funding with these 5 easy steps

Why Videos Are Important for Your Online Marketing Strategy

Protecting your privacy…or not…(Part 2)

How things change when you start with Fit

Hiring More Experienced Employees

Can your business complete the process of raising financing entirely online?

Search Engine Optimization Basics for Business Owners

Which digital marketing metrics should you measure?

Tapping into the U.S. funding market is now easier than ever

Consumers Prefer to Stay Connected with Businesses via Email

The Importance of Non-Partisanship

Whom do you trust?

Ever wondered what it REALLY takes to be successful at your company?

June Has Been a Deadly Month on Ontario Roads

Ontario business secured $7.1B in 2014

Effective techniques for filling open positions

Protecting your privacy …or not (Part 1)

Networking for the young(er) generation

Using Social Media to your Advantage to Find a New Position

Let’s Rendezvous to Talk Science

Benefit from new funding announced in the 2015 Budgets

How Small Businesses Can Use Word-of-Mouth to Stand Out from the Competition

Common Estate Planning Myths

Three simple strategies to turn the Birds of a Feather theory to your favor

Networking for the young(er) generation

The Pros and Cons of Volunteering

Ontario businesses secure $1.25B under government funding programs in single quarter

Online Marketing and Your Business Development Process

Whose responsibility is it to prepare students for the workplace?

Questions remain about Ontario’s Proposed Pension Plan

Business learning on tap this month

Where is my Grandma’s will?

Networking for the young(er) generation

Best Practices for Using Social Media to Find Candidates

Mentoring A Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

The type of funding you likely haven’t heard about

Innovation! The missing link to successful business development!

Integrating SEO, Social Media and Online Marketing to Drive Revenue

The Case for Policy

Are we getting any better at executing strategic plans?

Is your Estate trapped in minimizing the Probate cost?

We are ramping up in March

Why checking references has never been more important

Top Tips for securing government funding

The delicate matter of mental “issues”

A great start to 2015

Funding 101: How to find funds to grow your business

6 Ways to Grow Your Email List Under CASL

Get estate planning right

A busy month ahead

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