Member Spotlight: Lynda McClatchie

Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


March 5, 2021


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Who are you and what is your role at MBOT?
My name is Lynda McClatchie. I have been a physiotherapist for 25 years. I’ve been an MBOT member for 3 and will be renewing soon. I used to sit on the Health and Wellness Committee, but I’m now an MBOT ambassador.

Tell us about your business.
After working almost 20 years downtown, I opened Elevation Physiotherapy & Wellness here in Mississauga. We offer a range of physiotherapy and wellness services. How we proudly differentiate from other clinics is we don’t hire kinesiologists or physio-assistants. We want to see our clients from start to finish because that’s what we consider to be the best care.

How did you hear about MBOT?
I heard about MBOT in my other networking group. People would talk about MBOT and one of the group members was an MBOT ambassador. He invited me to an event, I attended and I just kept coming back.

What is your favourite aspect of MBOT?
For sure, the open networking time at the Good Morning Mississauga events. That event is one of the ones I try my best to not miss. It was great when we were in person to go to different venues and eat nice food. I would block it off in my schedule as ‘Bacon Wednesday.’ No bacon these days [all MBOT events are virtual], but I enjoy attending and having those one on one conversations with people I would have never had the opportunity to speak with even though we live and work in the same community.

What would you say to someone who is unsure of joining MBOT?
I would say that you should try MBOT, but need to think of it as a branch of your own business marketing. You can’t just sign up. It’s not going to expose you to anyone in the community unless you go and show up to different meetings or events and have your name and face out there. Show up, be consistent and don’t sell to people. As people come and see you at multiple events, you’ll have nice conversation and generally meet some people that can understand what you do and what you’re looking for and be able to make some connections that way.

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Mississauga Board of Trade
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