84% of Canadian Companies Expect to Face Hiring Challenges Over the Next Year

Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


January 21, 2022


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Author: Melissa Prospero, Employer Relations Job Developer, Queen’s College of Business, Technology & Public Safety | Lambton College in Mississauga

The pandemic has been difficult for many Canadian Companies.   Several industries were already facing a labour shortage, yet the pandemic effects seem to have added to the hiring challenges.  Companies are struggling to find candidates to fill their job postings, declaring that there is a big shortage of candidates to hire.  Consequently, employers are exploring new hiring strategies to fill their open positions, including identifying potential candidates through co-op opportunities or hiring internationally.

Co-op Programs have been around for decades, providing students with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience in their field of study.  For international students at Lambton College in Mississauga, co-op opportunities allow them to gain valid Canadian work experience:

“I learned effective communication skills and I got practical experiences on how to apply my skills at work. This co-op placement gave me the opportunity to apply the theories that I learned in class, do real projects where I am managing the budget, time and scope of the project” (Daljeet –Project Management and Strategic Leadership student at Lambton College in Mississauga). 

From the employer’s point of view, Co-op placements can be a good way to close a gap in their staffing or again to have a “trial” opportunity with a candidate.  After all, it’s an opportunity for the employer to work closely with the student, while deciding on the fit and potential success of the co-op student.

At Lambton College in Mississauga*, International Co-op students can provide employers with the right skills and the right attitude to deliver on business needs during this labour shortage. Our post-graduate students have previous international work experience, recent industry knowledge from their Canadian education and a willingness to succeed in a new country.  Overall, our students are eager to learn and make an immediate impact. Additionally, employers may be eligible to get a $3000 tax credit for hiring our students.

In January 2022, Lambton College in Mississauga had over 800 eligible students wiling to work, within industries such as Business, IT and Hospitality. Co-op terms are 4-month, starting in January, May and September and are typically at the end of the program length, providing employers with an opportunity to hire the students full-time.  Our employer-partners are necessary to our students’ and our college’s success – we value your partnership immensely.  

(September 22, 2021 | Source: Express Employment Professionals)

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Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade
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