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January 17, 2022


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Author: Tina Capobianco, Senior Vice President at JD Factors Corporation

J D Factors has been helping companies like yours since 1989, decades of success are marked with strong leadership and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

J D Factors is a company that’s well-versed in growth. For over 30 years in Canada, they’ve been helping businesses to prosper by assisting with their cash flow demands through factoring.  Their custom factoring solutions give companies access to the capital necessary for keeping companies cash flow moving. But what keeps J D Factors accelerating?  The company says its long-standing achievements are attributed to unparalleled customer experiences driven by a team of industry-leading professionals.

Spearheaded by strong leadership

Amid rapid changes in the commercial financial industry, solid leadership has helped not only J D Factors to succeed but its clients as well. Tina Capobianco is Senior Vice president of J D factors Corporation in Canada, she is responsible for the Canadian operations and portfolio with its head office in Mississauga and offices in Montreal and Calgary.

Tina attests that the client is the cornerstone of commercial finance. Learning how to work with a variety of different types of clients and industries has provided her with the experience to bring J D Factors to the forefront of commercial finance.

Validated by customer success

JD Factors’ unique approach of creating tailor-made factoring programs is what makes them the premier factor in North America. Recently, one of their clients says it chose factoring because of the cash flow.  They simply submit their invoices to the online J D factors portal and get paid within 24 hours after they are processed, instead of waiting 30 to 60 days for their invoices to get paid directly.

“There is no hassle of calling or emailing our customers for payments, as J D Factors looks after all of that” they said.

Unfortunately, in some industries, payment delays from customers are not only a headache, but they can also prevent companies from taking their business to the next level.  But with J D Factors assisting this client with their cash flow, they were able to secure the capital required to grow. 

In addition, J D Factors recognizes that each business is unique, that’s why they take the time to learn about each of their clients’ unique needs and requirements.

Dedicated to your business

So if your business would like  assistance to grow to the next level with peace of mind of cash flow then reach out to J D Factors at 1-800-263-0664 or visit www.jdfactors.com.  See you at the next MBOT event.

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