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April 28, 2022


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Author: Deborah Kenley, Senior Coordinator of Greening Corporate Grounds at Credit Valley Conservation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has soared in importance as corporate leaders have come to terms with the social and environmental costs of doing business. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide guidance in setting CSR objectives. But transforming those objectives into action can prove more challenging.

The good news is that small, localized actions can produce tangible and measurable results for your organization and the surrounding community. To help you get started, here are three actions you can take at work to support your CSR goals.

Plant a tree (or fifty)

SDG #15 Life on Land

Trees capture carbon, manage stormwater, reduce energy costs from heating and cooling, support biodiversity and wildlife, and contribute to human health and well-being. If you have the space on your property, planting trees is a rewarding and easy way to improve the local environment and contribute to global climate change mitigation efforts.

Go bird-friendly

SDG #15 Life on Land

Bird populations are declining at an alarming rate across the country and bird-window collisions are a contributing factor. You can help stop the decline by making bird-friendly changes to your property, such as applying bird-safe window film. Learn more at flap.org.

Engage and educate staff

SDG #13 Climate Action

Engage passionate employees in developing and leading sustainability initiatives at your organization. Build morale and understanding about local environmental issues through hands-on nature-based activities. Not sure where to start? Explore Greening Corporate Grounds’ Nature @ Work program (cvc.ca/gcg).

Learn more about how you can increase environmental sustainability on your property. Request a free Sustainable Landscaping Assessment and Action Plan from Credit Valley Conservation’s Greening Corporate Grounds program. Visit cvc.ca/gcg to learn more or contact CVC’s Deborah Kenley at 905-670-1615 ext 439.


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