Why Co-op Opportunities Are More Important Today Than Ever Before

Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


October 27, 2021


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Author: Matthew Rempel, Director, Career-Integrated Learning, Sheridan College

It’s hard to imagine what a post-COVID business model looks like.

For the past 18 months, companies have been forced to uproot traditional business practices, focusing their energy on being nimble and adaptable in response to unprecedented change. But how can business owners innovate, take on new projects, or fill any gaps in resources as they move forward?

In the face of a challenging economy, student talent has become more essential than ever before. The pandemic has taught all of us that remote working can be successful, and the resiliency and fortitude of students over the past year has proven their ability to transition seamlessly between working on site or remotely. As small and mid-sized businesses begin to recover, the enthusiasm, fresh insights and flexible mindsets from students could prove key to encouraging an economic turnaround.

With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic lingering, the provincial and federal government continue to assist students and employers by issuing wage subsidies to hire students. Employers may be eligible for wage subsidies that could cover the majority of student wages. This government support shows that, even in times of crisis, getting students involved remains a smart way to support community innovation.  

Over the last decade, more than 5,000 companies have hired Sheridan co-op students. We’ve seen, firsthand, companies develop a talent pipeline through co-ops and internships, honing the skills and experiences in students that lead them on a path to becoming valued employees after graduation. Mississauga-based PointClickCare, for example, has been a strong supporter of Sheridan’s co-op programs. Positioned at the nexus of healthcare and technology, students have had the opportunity to make meaningful contributions in addressing global challenges, while laying the groundwork for their future careers.

But for small-to-medium-sized companies who’ve had to adapt and deploy new technology and processes, students aren’t only a potential asset – they’re poised to lead the charge in helping your business transition into a new digital age.

We’re already setting students up to thrive in the global economy at Sheridan, teaching them the skills they need to be part of the solution. When navigating how you want your business to move forward, consider how post-secondary students may help you achieve your business goals – while also shaping the talent of tomorrow.

Fall internships and co-op opportunities are still available for students across several programs. Email sheridanworkscoop@sheridancollege.ca to learn more.


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