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August 23, 2016


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ben-molfetta-photo-150x150By Ben Molfetta

Hopefully by now you have made a commitment to online marketing. If you have, it is imperative to put the appropriate mechanisms and processes in place to ensure your online activities have a direct impact on revenue growth.

To achieve this type of success, you must develop a solid online infrastructure, or building blocks. These building blocks will increase your probability of success by supporting the following outcomes:

  • Increased Inbound Leads
    Generating new opportunities is the life-blood of any business. Effective online marketing increases exposure and credibility, resulting in good quality inbound leads.
  • Increased Close Rates
    The ultimate goal is to convert prospects into customers. Using online mechanisms to lead nurture – providing prospects with the right content at the right time – will increase close rates.
  • Increased Customer Value
    Online tactics can be used to maintain a value-based relationship after the sale. A customer base is a valuable asset, and should not be taken for granted. Retaining customers, selling them more goods and services and encouraging them to refer should be primary goals for any business.

An effective online infrastructure should include the following elements/building blocks:

With online marketing, Content is King. Organizations cannot be successful online without value-based and relevant content. Content is what attracts search engines, prospects, customers and influencers. The first decision you will have to make on the road to online marketing success is determining how you will become a content publishing organization.

Lead Generation Tactics
Getting found online is “job one”. If people are searching for companies like yours online, and they don’t find you, it’s a missed opportunity. Online lead generation tactics include optimizing for search engines to get into those coveted positions on page one of search results, using online advertising and social media to drive website traffic, and targeting prospects through email marketing.

 Social Media

Social media platforms are used to disseminate content that will create visibility and credibility. Social media activity can also be used to engage with influencers and to improve search engine rankings.

Database/Email Marketing

Email is a cost effective, relatively simple tactic for engaging in on-going, permission based dialogues with prospects and customers. The power of email marketing is in the ability to deliver personalized and customized messages directly to the target audience.


You will not be successful online if you are “flying blind”. There are numerous online tools that provide real-time data and analysis about how online activities are performing. This insight should be used to continually refine tactics in order to improve results.

Strategic Applications
Digital disruption is everywhere. Online mechanisms are at the heart of process innovation. The strategic use of technology is being used to differentiate businesses from their competitors. How can you improve the way you market yourself, or deliver your goods and services, through the strategic use of technology?

Online marketing success requires a committed, organized and strategic approach. To achieve desired results over the long-term, you must develop an infrastructure based on online marketing building blocks; content, lead generation tactics, social media, database/email marketing, analytics and strategic applications.

Core has developed an online marketing audit checklist that you can use to self-assess your current online infrastructure. To access the checklist, please click here.

Ben Molfetta is the co-founder of Core Online Marketing. Core helps small and mid-sized businesses grow by planning, implementing, and executing online marketing strategies that drive sustainable revenue growth. Visit or email Ben

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Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade

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