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August 9, 2021


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Author: Cheryl Farrow, MBA, CAE, CEO of Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists 

Let Our Certified Members Support Your Recovery And Growth

By now, we have heard all of the catchphrases to describe facets of this challenging year. This  rings especially true in Peel Region, where businesses deal with many restrictions due to higher per capita COVID-19 cases per week. As of this article, Peel is experiencing a downward trend, along with the rest of the Province, which is an excellent sign that the trigger will be pulled shortly to jumpstart the economic recovery.

One of the keys to this recovery is people, particularly the talented individuals who drive economic growth in Mississauga.  As the Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) continues with its great work with the Mississauga Economic Recovery Group (MERG), I felt it was essential to spread the word on how our members play a key role in driving some of the much needed economic recoveries. 

The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) is the certifying body for more than 25,000 engineering technology and applied science professionals in Ontario, with close to 3,000 members in Peel Region alone. Our certified members span 15 disciplines and provide critical services and, in many cases, have been essential workers during this pandemic.

Our tagline, “Our Certification Your Success,” illustrates how OACETT certification drives professional excellence. When I became the Chief Executive Officer of OACETT last fall, our professional association was dealing with the same kind of challenges that businesses, both small and large, across Mississauga were facing. In a short period, I started to understand OACETT’s certification program and how it benefits companies by adding a layer of additional resilience and expertise to employees and employers.

This year, OACETT launched its much anticipated corporate 360 Partnership Program, which is designed to help support the business needs of companies that employ technicians and technologists. The program support includes:

  • helping you recruit top talent,
  • boosting your brand exposure, and
  • increasing your business engagement by connecting with more than 25,000 professionals in the engineering technology and applied science fields.

One of my main priorities on behalf of our members is to continue building a relationship with the business community throughout Ontario to spread the word about the value of hiring certified engineering technology professionals. Through the great work of MBOT, I am certain there is a plan to accelerate the rebirth and growth of the economy in Mississauga. As our members continue to do their part to drive success within public and private businesses in Mississauga, I look forward to engaging with MBOT members and providing any support we can to reach our shared goal of moving forward and prospering. 

For more information about OACETT or our 360 Partnership Program, visit

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