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November 4, 2022


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Author: Heather Johnson, Owner of  HouseLife Services

When asked “What is HouseLife?”, the easiest answer has always been “We take care of stuff” – Your stuff, your client’s stuff, your parents’ stuff, your grandparents’ stuff, your kids’ stuff.

HouseLife offers turnkey support for all things “house”: Decluttering, Depersonalizing, Donations, Auction Management, Repairs, Refreshes, Packing, Disposal, Staging, Estate Clearing Services, Moving Management and Settling in Services.

The cornerstone of our business is the Senior Downsize.  Assisting Seniors with the process of fitting 40+ years of a much-loved home into an 800 square foot condominium or retirement suite.  Not for the faint of heart!  Our crew is often tasked with the challenge of explaining that a loved dining room suite purchased after years of penny pinching and enjoyed over a multitude of family milestones, will now collect pennies on the dollar or “won’t sell at all” and it may be best to donate.   

55–89-year-olds represent 30.5% of Ontario’s population, over 4.5 million residents. A little more than 90% of these residents reside in their own private homes. With the onset and aftermath of Covid, more and more are looking to sell and move to greener, often smaller, pastures that offer more disposable income and less for their extended family members to manage.  What this has meant to sellers and realtors is the need to “manage and off-load stuff” to get the residence on the market as quickly as possible with a listing that appeals to the broadest buyer possible. Competition is fierce – name a time when anyone wanted to pay the highest price! Image sells.

With a free consultation, HouseLife will quickly assess and manage what is needed. Perhaps a portable storage unit, perhaps a disposal bin (or two), a truck for donations and or temporary storage to ready for an auction. Will repairs, painting, new light fixtures be needed? Not a problem, we have a crew to see to it. Will the house need to be staged or will the homeowner’s own furnishings work? Again, not a problem, all crew members are trained to watch for the gems and pack away the items we would not use while creating a floor plan that will work to present the home to its best photographic advantage. Offering our own full inventory of soft furnishings, decorative items and artwork plus a wonderful array of current furnishings, we will get the home ready to stand out among the online world we now shop from.

Launched 8 years ago, HouseLife has grown to cover from Durham Region to Wentworth County. Fully bonded and insured, we help people “take care of their stuff” no matter their needs.

Please check us out at www.houselife.ca or drop me a line at heather@houselife.ca or call me 647 544 7667.

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Mississauga Board of Trade
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