From Idea Sparks to Flames of Accomplishment

Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


April 8, 2021


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Author: Bree Ranieri, CEO & Co-founder

Leaders at every level aspire to deliver results for their organizations. The tall order is knowing how to move IDEAS to ACTION to RESULTS. The pandemic has created additional pressures to generate new ideas and move to results faster than ever before.  

As the revered Stateswoman, Golda Meir said, “Fan tiny inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.”  

For over 20 years as a senior leader and as an expert in executive coaching, strategy and organizational change, I have been helping leaders “fan” ideas.   And the great news is that you can harness this power in your organization.  Here’s how. 

Engage the Right People
Today’s business challenges are too complex for any single leader to have all the answers. Leaders must gather different perspectives to generate and build out ideas. Listen actively, connect people,  adopt feedback and give due credit.   Your job here is to be the catalyst for lighting the match and gathering with others to fan the flame.    

Define Purpose and Outcomes  
To move from spark to a working fire, you need to clarify the “why” and “so what.”   This starts with zeroing in on what matters and aligning on a common purpose or vision. Ask yourself: where is there passion to make a difference?  

Create a Supportive Culture
Effective leaders show humility, create a sense of ownership, and promote transparency.   It is the idea and the build of the idea that matters, not who came up with it.   Candid feedback and speaking about the real issues will not dampen the idea flame but give it fuel. 

Develop a Plan
Tackling a large challenge is best done by breaking it down into “bite sized” pieces.. It’s easy to get paralyzed here when you may not have all the information.  Forward movement enables you to gain traction.

Ensure Alignment
Effective leaders frequently cross-check for alignment.   It is imperative to stay connected and ensure everyone has been heard and agreement has been reached as you progress. 

Adjust and Keep Forward Momentum
Effective leaders review what is working, what is not, and embrace corrective actions where needed.  Maintain focus, learn and grow and celebrate successes – these are the keys to keep your fire burning bright.

Fanning flames to create fire isn’t always easy in organizations, but with an open mind and a commitment to forward momentum, it is entirely possible. Now go build your fire!

This article was originally published in the 2021 Spring edition of CONNECT Magazine.


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Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade
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