Building Permits and Sprinkler Systems

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November 4, 2021


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With fall approaching and construction projects on the horizon, the installation of sprinkler systems is common practice for new builds when taking possession of new property and for sellers according to the Ontario Building Code (mandated legislation).

Before sprinkler installation process takes place, there are a few important documents that are part of the City of Mississauga’s permit submission process that building owners and managers should be aware of and abide by.

What is a sprinkler system?

A sprinkler system is designed to control or extinguish fires in the early stages. Having a system in place makes it easier and safer for building occupants to exit the building during a fire emergency and for firefighters to extinguish any fire that remains.

Applying for a permit

If a building permit application includes sprinkler systems, the applicant will

need to provide all the following information in order to expedite the permit process:

  • A signed copy of the owner’s certificate, in addition to the Letter of Use.
  • For major alterations and new systems, fully detailed sprinkler drawings and hydraulic calculations (conducted within 12 months) that meet the ‘Plans and Calculations’ chapter of NFPA 13 (National Fire Protection Association – the standard for the installation of sprinkler systems).
  • For minor alterations, enough detail of the existing systems to make all conditions clear. This includes the location of new, relocated and deleted sprinkler heads and associated piping (depending on the scope of the changes, hydraulic calculations may still be required).
  • For new tenants in existing buildings, details of the new operations and existing sprinkler system design criteria.
  • When altering storage in an existing building, full details on what’s being stored with floorplan indicating the location, configuration and height. Identify design criteria of the existing sprinkler system.
  • Provide notice if flexible hoses or flexible sprinkler drops are to be used (the use of flexible hoses or sprinkler drops in place of hard piping will require hydraulic calculations).

For more information on the City’s permit application process for the installation of sprinkler systems, visit or call 3-1-1 (905-615-4311, if outside City limits).


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