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Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


May 14, 2023


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Author: Adrianne Fekete, Founder, Star Quality Private Investigations®

Star Quality Private Investigations® is an Award-Winning Canadian, full-service private investigation agency.  Our commitment is to provide evidence through confidential, customized private investigation services that empower individuals, legal teams, and corporations. SQPI® is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. With offices in Mississauga, the GTA and all of Ontario, our ability to produce superior, confidential results while remaining dedicated to your privacy, has elevated us to a nationally recognized and respected brand. Our investigative team is comprised exclusively of male and female former law enforcement detectives, sergeants, and executives, who bring a diverse, unique skill set from their specialized unit, which they apply to each and every operation. Every matter is handled with confidentiality, respect, and integrity, while providing our clients with a crystal-clear channel of communication throughout the entire process. We are the only agency to provide real-time, live updates province wide.

With boots on the ground, this year’s focus has been giving back to families in need, within our community. We’re involved in various municipal, federal, and provincial initiatives surrounding social challenges. With a grassroots approach, SQPI® is leading by example and has donated to six families whose lives have been negatively impacted due to major life trauma’s.  “We have hundreds of people a year who call us for help. Unfortunately, they are not always able to obtain evidence they desperately require due to various life altering reasons. I felt it was our responsibility to ignite change within our community,” shared Adrianne.

Our mission to give back directly to individuals stems from the 911-like calls that pour in daily. By the time they get around to calling us for help, their families, professional life, and their safety is at risk, we are often their last hope. Our focus has been with those who are dealing with loved ones suffering from mental health illnesses, children, and youth vulnerable to abuse, domestic violence, as well as senior wellness and abuse. These individuals, ranging from under 1 month to 102 years old, needed SQPI® to protect and bring evidence to light with local law enforcement, children’s support agencies, hospitals, as well as provincial and federal courts. 

“Launching this community initiative, in tandem with the I Am Unbreakable™ Podcast, allows me to serve and inspire others on a larger scale. We believe supporting members of our community will contribute in stabilizing a more united, inclusive future,” said Adrianne.

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Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade

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