Parkland: Where Every Day Is An All-inclusive Getaway

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January 27, 2022


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Seven years ago, Dolores and her husband decided to move to Parkland for a short-term stay while looking for an apartment. “I was only 74 at the time and people wondered what we were doing,” says Dolores. “After a few months I said to my husband, ‘do you want to go looking for apartments?’ and he asked ‘why?’ so, we’re treating it as an all-inclusive hotel,” she says.

Parkland’s all-inclusive lifestyle is designed for seniors wishing to remain independent and worry-free, spending less time on a “to do” list and more time doing what they love.  

Residents can prepare their favourite meals in a fully equipped kitchen or visit the dining room to enjoy a restaurant-style meal. “I still love to cook!” says Dolores. “I told the staff in the kitchen not to be insulted when we don’t come down for dinner because we are just having a little party for two and enjoying cooking our regular meals. Some days I say we’re going down to the dining room tonight – I don’t feel like cooking.” she adds with a smile.

At Parkland, wellness plays a significant role in helping residents live their best lives. The Harmony Wellness program features customized activities, social events, entertainment and daily programming designed to stimulate the mind, body and soul. Parkland’s social calendars include a combination of activities held on site and in the community that reflect the season and resident interests.

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Mississauga Board of Trade
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