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Mississauga Board of Trade


July 20, 2023


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Author: Steve Rhone, 2023 MBOT Chair, President & CEO, Weston Forest

Members and friends of Mississauga businesses, I hope you are all enjoying summer in the city.

 As we soak in the warmth, it’s an opportune time for contemplation. I am thrilled to highlight some of the exciting events unfolding in our community.

Recently, MBOT (Mississauga Board of Trade) commemorated our thriving business community with the highly anticipated annual Business Awards of Excellence. It was truly a delight to recognize the exceptional and diverse enterprises that make our city flourish. With an impressive tally of 140 nominations across eleven categories, we brought together around 350 individuals for an evening of celebration. This year, we witnessed a first in the history of the awards, as we announced co-winners for the prestigious Business Person of the Year title: Le Luong, the CEO of Nurture Growth Bio-Fertilizer Inc., and Paul Meo, the CEO of NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada Ltd. The event was attended by esteemed nominees, who were joined by numerous team members representing their respective organizations. The MBOT Awards serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of celebration and acknowledgement, reinforcing positive efforts and fostering future success.

As we take a closer look at our city, construction activity is thriving in Mississauga as it embarks on ambitious undertakings. Prioritizing the construction of new housing, we witness a multitude of ongoing projects with even more on the horizon. The Hurontario LRT project, alongside various other initiatives taking shape throughout our city streets, may result in occasional delays and disturbances. Similar to our policy endeavors, construction demands time and presents its fair share of challenges. Nevertheless, these collaborative efforts play a vital role in establishing a sturdy foundation for long-term prosperity within our community. Mississauga is actively constructing for the future, solidifying its position as one of Canada’s largest cities and driving economic well-being for our city, province, and nation.

Poised to evolve into an independent city and embark on an exciting new chapter in its history, Mississauga stands on the threshold of a transformative journey. At MBOT, our team of dedicated staff and volunteers is unwavering in their commitment to ensuring that the interests of businesses across the city are thoughtfully considered during decision-making processes. As a community, we possess the remarkable opportunity to shape our collective future, and MBOT will employ its resources to secure the most favorable outcomes. It is imperative that businesses possess a strong presence in policy direction discussions, and our MERG (Mississauga CEOs’ Collective Voice) group will provide a unified voice, representing the concerns of Mississauga’s esteemed CEOs on pivotal matters. This journey necessitates time and effort, and we may encounter a few bumps along the way. However, rest assured that MBOT will diligently advocate for the voice of our business community, leaving no stone unturned.

Embrace the joys of the summer season and seize the opportunity to celebrate accomplishments with your teams.

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