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Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


October 22, 2021


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Author: Ken Tencer, Spyder Works Inc. CEO, 2021 MBOT Chair

As the Chair of a Board, the transition of CEOs is one of the most challenging and important roles that we can be asked to take on. When the person that you are replacing is David Wojcik, the challenge becomes greater still. As I reflect on David’s outstanding leadership, I think about how he came to MBOT when it was in a less than optimal financial position. Steadfastly, David crafted a strategic plan focused on generating new revenue streams, developing the advocacy and public relations profile and, of course, co-leading the drive to launch the Mississauga Economic Recovery Group (MERG) during the depths of the pandemic.

With MBOT, David has certainly put an exclamation point behind an already stellar business career. As the president and CEO of MBOT, David has also more than met his lofty promises – to leave the organization financially secure, and seamlessly transition it to an equally capable set of hands.

I must also take my hat off to and welcome Trevor McPherson as the “new” President and CEO of the Mississauga Board of Trade. As Chair of MBOT, one of the largest boards in the country, being tasked with leading the search for an individual who understands business, emerging to established, multiple levels of government, community, and stakeholder relations was a defining challenge for me and the search committee.

The recruitment process was certainly a journey for those who put forward their names. The search committee initially screened nearly 100 applicants, ultimately narrowing the field through a series of interviews with different teams of interviewers drawn from the MBOT Board. It was Trevor’s stellar reputation built through his years in economic development and with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce that made him the perfect candidate for this role, and this role the perfect fit for his skillset, demeanor, and drive.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the members of the search committee, each of the candidates and, of course, Trevor who was ultimately offered the position. We are certainly putting MBOT into very capable hands.

Again, one last heartfelt thank you to David and another warm, welcoming congratulations to Trevor.

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Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade
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