Ontario launches SMART Green Program for manufacturers

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November 24, 2016


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teri-kirk_metro-2By Teri Kirk
Ontario has launched a new $25M program to help SMEs in the manufacturing sector to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and become more energy efficient.

The SMART Green Program is a partnership between the government of Ontario and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME). The fund will assist businesses to invest in green equipment and process upgrades, including high-efficiency ovens, dryers, kilns, and furnaces.

Qualifying businesses will receive grants of up to $200k to cover up to 50% of eligible project costs. More specifically, funding can go towards an assessment audit to determine greenhouse gas emission levels, as well as implementation projects, such as adopting and integrating new greener equipment or processes. Successful projects will focus on the reduction or avoidance of GHG emissions, i.e. projects that improve productivity, but don’t have a significant effect on GHGs will not be accepted. Applicants with multiple locations can receive up to $500,000 in total funding for up to five facilities.

To qualify, manufacturers must be located in Ontario, have at least three years of operations under their belt, and have a minimum of 10 full-time employees. They must also emit less than 25,000 tonnes of GHGs per year and cannot already be participating in the Province’s Cap and Trade Program.

Manufacturers will have one year from the date they sign a contribution agreement with CME to complete their project. In addition, all projects must be completed before Dec. 31, 2018. It is estimated that about 110 projects will receive funding under this program between now and 2018.

The SMART Green Program is one of 4,500 government grants available to Canadian businesses today. Find more on fundingportal.com

Teri Kirk is Founder and CEO of Funding Portal. You can reach her by email at communications@fundingportal.com

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