How the Shift to Mobile is Impacting Recruiting Needs

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September 23, 2015


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marc-belaicheBy Marc Belaiche and Nicole Paloucci

The number of job seekers using their mobile device to search for jobs has risen significantly over the last few years. By converting your job postings to a mobile-friendly version, you can increase the number of potential applicants. Following are tips for attracting qualified candidates by making job postings mobile accessible.

Mobile Devices

Ensure that job seekers can access your job postings on their mobile devices. This means greater convenience for those seeking jobs and will increase traffic on the recruiters’ site.

Your job postings should still be easily accessible using conventional computer searches since not everyone uses mobile devices. Job seekers who use their mobile can save job postings and apply later using their computer. As a result, the URL on both the mobile and the computer versions need to match.

It’s predicted that in the next year 75% of job seekers will use their mobile device for job searching, and 44% will apply using their device.

Job Postings

Job seekers require the ability to quickly view available positions and their accompanying job descriptions. If potential candidates can’t easily find this information, they will look elsewhere.

Easy to Apply

The application process should be short and easy to use, otherwise it may deter applicants from applying. Ideally, the candidate should only be required to upload or email their resume and add a minimal amount of information.

Use Social Media

Both employers and job seekers use Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. These sites can be used for both employer branding and promoting open positions. Links to job postings can be added to your company’s social media pages to attract more applicants.

Job Apps

Job seekers can easily search for jobs using an app on their smart phone. As an employer or recruiter, you can create an app for your company’s job postings or you can use a job board that already has an app. This will help increase the number of job seekers who have access to your postings.


Millennials account for a large percentage of the workforce and many of them found their current job through social media. This generation is the force behind the increasing number of job applications using their mobile devices to seek and apply for jobs.

Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Google has implemented a ranking system and the algorithm rewards sites that are mobile-friendly, and penalizes sites that aren’t. Your Google ranking can have an impact on the number of visits to your site.

Search Engines

Job seekers prefer job boards that have a large and steady number of job postings and they also want the option of refining their searches. It can also be difficult to go through numerous job postings without an advanced search engine on your mobile. The inconvenience of not having this feature may deter potential applicants.


Mobile-friendly sites are needed to accommodate job seekers who use their mobile devices to search and apply for jobs. These job postings should be readily accessible and easy to apply to.

Social media and job search apps are useful for branding your organization by improving your image and making your company a desirable place to work. Make a plan to convert your site to a mobile-friendly version to increase the amount of qualified candidates you’ll receive.


Marc Belaiche is a CPA, CA and is President of, an Internet recruitment business and recruiting firm located in the Greater Toronto Area. Visit

Nicole Paolucci, HR and Marketing Intern for Nicole is a graduate from York University. To contact Nicole, please email

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