City of Mississauga Considers Options for Stronger Employee Vaccination Policy

Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


August 20, 2021


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Since the beginning of the pandemic, the City of Mississauga has been a leader in implementing public health measures to protect residents and its employees. As many organizations and businesses announce internal employees vaccine policies, including the City of Toronto’s mandatory vaccine policy, the City of Mississauga remains in consultation with the Medical Officer of Health, its legal and human resources teams, as well its employees, to understand the implications of a stronger employee vaccination policy.

“When it comes to vaccination policies, there is a lot to consider and many potential issues to address. As with all things COVID-related, this is all new and evolving quickly; there is no playbook,” said Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “What we have is a patchwork of policies and plans that are still evolving and are not yet in effect. As always, we will do our homework, consult with our stakeholders, and develop a plan to keep our city, employees and  residents safe.”

The City of Mississauga has hosted two employee vaccine clinics, offered by the Government of Ontario to provide easier access to the vaccines and consistently communicated with employees about getting vaccinated and the importance of vaccination.

“With the fourth wave upon us, we have a team actively looking at the policy options to ensure we maintain a safe working environment for all staff and those we serve,” said Paul Mitcham, City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer. “We have strongly encouraged all of our employees to get vaccinated, if they are eligible, to protect not only themselves, but those around them. We will always take action to protect our employees and create a safe working environment for everyone.”

The City will announce any policies related to mandatory vaccines for employees once the plans are finalized.

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