Mississauga City Council Stands Against Anti-Black Racism, Systemic Racism and Discrimination

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Mississauga Board of Trade


June 24, 2020


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Today, Mississauga City Council took a strong stand against anti-Black racism, systemic racism and discrimination in all forms.

“We are in a pivotal moment right now and it is incumbent on all institutions, including the City of Mississauga, that we take action to address racism and discrimination,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “To be good on the outside, we must be good on the inside. It is important that our institutions are representative of the people they serve and that everyone is treated fairly and with respect, free from bias and discrimination. Today’s motion commits the City as a corporation and a community to confronting racism and discrimination, and in particular anti-Black racism and discrimination, and take meaningful action. Our work to confront these challenges is never done, but I am confident that by working with Council, city staff, and the broader community, we can take significant steps forward.”

The City recognizes that racism and in particular, anti-Black racism and discrimination is a crisis that requires immediate action. The City reaffirmed its strong commitment to addressing systemic racism and discrimination by supporting policies and programs that address the inequities that racialized groups, Indigenous Peoples, and in particular Black communities continue to experience in Mississauga and committing to the safety and livelihood of its Black residents naming anti-Black racism as a pervasive threat to the safety and enjoyment of life in the city.

The Mayor’s Office in consultation with the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee will:

  • Convene a series of community-led consultations on systemic racism, anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism and discrimination using an intersectional lens, and identify areas for systemic change in the community;
  • Convene a Black Caucus to advise on the equity issues and priorities identified by Black communities in Mississauga, and report back to Council publicly in six months;
  • Review the terms of reference for the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee to ensure it is fulfilling its mandate and that it focuses in part on anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism; and
  • Review the City and Region of Peel’s consultation and communications strategy with respect to racism and discrimination and the reform of our institutions; and
  • Work with the Region of Peel carry out the Region’s anti-racism public education/awareness campaigns at the City level.

The City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer will:

  • Name, condemn and stand against anti-Black racism in all its forms;
  • Review on an ongoing basis, internal policies and programs to ensure all are free from racial bias and do not negatively impact racialized groups;
  • Ensure continued implementation and progress of the recommendations from the City’s Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, including proceeding with the planned Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Survey when business returns to normal and build public accountability and commitment to bring to life recommendations from the Strategy;
  • Engage our Black employees and their allies in a series of conversations on anti-Black racism to understand their experiences in the workplace and build a plan to address systemic inequities; and
  • Continue to educate all new and existing employees on the City’s Respectful Workplace Policy and Respectful Workplace Statement of Commitment, as well as staff’s daily commitment to the compliance with the Respectful Workplace Policy.

 “We are listening and learning. There is work to be done and we must do better. We must ensure that our organization’s values, programs and policies are free from systemic racism and discrimination of any kind. I want our Black employees to know that I am committed and our Leadership Team is committed to addressing racism in the workplace and that racist and anti-Black sentiments have no place at the City of Mississauga. I want all employees to know and understand they have a shared responsibility in preventing and addressing anti-Black racism and discrimination in all its forms,” said Paul Mitcham, City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer. “We must continue with the implementation of our Workforce and Diversity Inclusion Strategy which will help ensure we are creating an equitable work environment that values and respects individuals for their talents, skills and ability. One that recognizes the uniqueness of all employees and is accessible, equitable and fair for all.”

Resolution 0207-2020 – Anti-Black and Indigenous Racism

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