Your input needed: How does Mississauga perform as a visitor destination?

Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


November 25, 2021


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Tourism Mississauga is embarking on an important assessment of how Mississauga scores as a tourist destination and have contracted the expertise of MMGY NextFactor and Destinations International for their diagnostic tool called DestinationNEXT. We are in the company of over 300 other destinations worldwide who have undertaken this assessment, and as such we feel the tool has been tried and tested, and the methodology is sound.

The assessment takes the form of a 360-degree survey of key stakeholders in tourism, business, education, and government who would all find themselves impacted by Mississauga ability to attract and inspire visitors to our city. The results of the survey will essentially be a report card for the health and benchmarking of Mississauga as a destination. We will present the results and discuss them further with those in attendance at our workshop.

As a key civic leader and stakeholder in the visitor economy, we are asking for your participation in this important assessment. The survey is comprehensive. Questions are simple and represent a broad set of topics addressing various elements of your community – including some elements which may seem beyond the scope of Tourism Mississauga’s work, but indeed are relevant to and may impact visitors’ experiences. The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.  If you require more time to complete the survey, you can also save it and return to it at a later date.

To access the survey, please visit: The survey will be available for your participation until Friday December 10th but we urge you to complete it as soon as possible to ensure you meet the survey deadline. Please be advised that by clicking this link you will be launching a survey that is hosted by MMGY NextFactor.   

Please be assured that your responses will remain anonymous.  In order to develop the most accurate picture, it is important that you answer the survey as you see Mississauga today.  Our hope is that the findings of this survey will spark a thoughtful, productive conversation about Mississauga as a destination and will form the basis for a destination-wide tourism strategy that hat will help guide Mississauga into the future.


Thank you for your time,

Victoria Clarke

CEO, Tourism Mississauga

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