Nazlin Hirji – Micro-Credentials: Benefits For Your Business – PODCAST

Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


October 29, 2020


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Upgrading your education or the education of your team has countless benefits. In a world of rapid change, knowledge has never been more important. Sheridan College has been a leader in providing micro-credentials, which can increase attraction and retention of employees when the war for talent returns…….AND it will return. Canada has already returned 2.3 million people back to work since the pandemic displaced 3 million workers. That’s a return rate of 90% AND we have not had a significant amount of immigration for over six months to fill the talent pool. To help us understand more about micro-credentials is Nazlin Hirji. Nazlin is the Executive Director of Continuing and Professional Studies at Sheridan College. She is also committed to life-long learning as a means of empowerment and evolution for self and others.


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