Rocco Rossi – The Five Point Pivot For Small Business – PODCAST

Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


June 12, 2020


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You don’t need to be a statistical genius to know that small business has suffered tremendously through the COVID crisis. Just try and get a haircut or manicure or eat at your favorite local restaurant. Most of these are owned and operated by small business people. But to understand the severity and depth of the impact on small business, that is where stats do literally count. RBC recently released a five-point plan to help small business recover in the post pandemic era. To help us understand what was in the RBC report is Rocco Rossi. Rocco is the President & CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. The OCC represents Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade across the province, which in turn represents thousands of small businesses.

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