Canadian Chamber of Commerce Releases Pan-Canadian Strategy to Combat COVID19

Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


January 10, 2021


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With COVID-19 cases increasing at an alarming rate, our leaders face a difficult balancing act. The challenge for us all is to chart a path forward that protects Canadians’ health – on COVID, mental health and other aspects – as well as their economic well-being.

Between now and the time when the pandemic is brought fully under control it will be important for Canada to manage the disease by controlling its spread and severity, while allowing Canadians to regain more of their ordinary lives. Public health must be the highest priority, and a well-designed strategy to manage COVID-19 will save lives and reduce the pandemic’s social and economic damage. However, to achieve these results, we must move from simply reacting to the disease to actively controlling it.

A plan to replace Canada’s current patchwork approach of reacting to daily numbers is overdue. It is neither socially nor economically sustainable to rely heavily on rotating lockdowns while we wait for an effective vaccine to be widely administered in the coming year.

Let the government know we need a plan to manage COVID-19.  Pan-Canadian Strategy to Manage COVID-19 (


Employers Urged to Promote Sick Leave Benefits to Keep Workplaces Safe

There is growing concern that employees are coming to work with symptoms of COVID19 or are worried if they do not go to work they may lose their job.  The Government of Canada has established a sick leave benefit to provide income support to workers to encourage them to stay home.  Employers are urged to share the benefit with their employees to keep everyone healthy and safe.


Innovation Canada Launches Accelerated Growth Service

The Government of Canada has launched the AGS for high growth companies to stay in Canada and grow from here.  If your business has $5 million a year or more in revenues, this may be a program for you.  Home – Accelerated Growth Service


Revenue Canada Simplifies Process to Claim Home Office Expenses

In light of millions more Canadians working from home, Revenue Canada has simplified the process for employees to claim home office expenses on their Income Tax Return meaning many will not need to be issued the T2200 form.  Employers may want to share this option with their employees who work from home.  Introducing a simplified process for claiming the home office expenses for Canadians working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic –

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