Storm Water Tax Deferral for 90 Days

Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


March 26, 2020


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At the March 25 Council meeting, Mississauga City Council provided for a deferral of the Stormwater Charge by up to 90 days and amended the City’s Sign By-law in response to COVID-19 to help further mitigate impacts on residents and businesses.

“We’re working to provide relief where we can to residents and businesses,” said Mayor Crombie. “These are unprecedented times, so deferring items like the property tax and now the stormwater charge is the right thing to do. We all have a responsibility to act where and how we can.”

Stormwater Charge Deferral – 90 Days

This deferral until later in the year is to help provide cash flow relief over the next few months.

The charge will need to be paid before the end of the year.

The Region of Peel bills this service on behalf of the City and will action the deferral through their billing system. Details to be confirmed at Region of Peel Council.

What is the Stormwater Charge?

This is a dedicated source of revenue that appears on the Region of Peel water bill to manage the rain and melted snow flowing from our properties on to our streets and down into more than 51,000 storm drains. This water flows through a large and complex network of pipes and waterways directly into Lake Ontario.

The charge is identified on the bill as a Stormwater Charge and shows the number of billing units for the property, the daily rate being charged, the total number of days included in the bill cycle along with the total Stormwater Charge amount. For more information visit: Stormwater Charge

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