CANADA NEWS RELEASE: Government of Canada helps to improve women’s economic participation in male-dominated industries

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May 9, 2024


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Government of Canada helps to improve women’s economic participation in male-dominated industries

May 9, 2024

Women and Gender Equality Canada

Ottawa, Ontario – With the evolving employment landscape, it is unacceptable that there continues to be male dominated industries. This includes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) the construction and manufacturing fields. Women and gender-diverse people continue to experience barriers to entering the industry of their choice.  When provided with opportunities, women bring unique perspectives, skills, and talents that are invaluable to driving innovation and progress in all fields.

The Honourable Marci Ien, Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, announced $924,370 over two and a half years to Build a Dream to Empower Women (Build a Dream) for their project Supporting Women’s Access to Employment, Retention, Advancement in Male Dominated Fields. This funding addresses women’s systemic barriers to job retention and representation in male-dominated fields.

Build a Dream will offer career development opportunities by connecting industry collaborators, students, and job seekers through virtual conferences, career discovery exhibitions, workshops, and hands-on learning programs. Build a Dream will also work with industry partners to create more inclusive work environments for women and develop mentorship programs that support current women employees for their advancement.

Through the Women’s Program, the Government of Canada will continue to collaborate with women’s organizations to support initiatives that advance gender equality and women’s economic prosperity. Breaking down barriers and creating inclusive environments expands opportunities for women and unlocks the full potential of Canada’s workforce.


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