City of Mississauga Achieves WCCD’s Early Adopter ISO Certification on Data for Smart Cities

Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


June 9, 2021


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The World Council on City Data (WCCD) has awarded the City of Mississauga with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 37122 Indicators for Smart Cities Certification. As an early adopter, Mississauga is one of the first cities globally and the only Canadian municipality to achieve this new certification.

The City joins approximately 10 cities from around the world who will achieve Early Adopter Certification in 2021.

ISO 37122 includes a comprehensive set of standardized indicators created to support smart city initiatives worldwide. These indicators help cities globally assess smart city development while determining the best solutions to drive improved service delivery to citizens.

The City was evaluated against the WCCD’s set of 80 indicators. These measure a city’s ability to build open, high quality data that is independently verified and comparable with other cities. ISO 37122 contains internationally-standardized indicators that measure progress, drive smart city investment and city-to-city learning and create tools for year-over-year benchmarking.

Organizations that provided data as part of the evaluation include the Region of Peel, Statistics Canada, Government of Ontario, Trillium Health Partners and Credit Valley Conservation.

An independent third party reviewed the City’s data to ensure it was consistent.


The WCCD was founded in Canada in 2014. The WCCD helps cities adopt internationally-recognized standards for their data, enabling them to make decisions that are data-driven and become more sustainable, safe and resilient, prosperous and inclusive.

WCCD has led the development and implementation of the WCCD ISO 37120 Series on City Data. The series includes ISO 37120 – Indicators for Sustainable Cities, ISO 37122 – Indicators for Smart Cities and ISO 37123 – Indicators for Resilient Cities.

Consisting of eighty entirely numeric indicators across nineteen themes, the data contained within ISO 37122 supports decisions on critical issues such as transportation, health, education, housing, telecommunications and urban planning.

This is the second ISO certification issued by the WCCD for the City, having received ISO 37120 platinum-level certification for Sustainable Cities in 2018.

WCCD is now helping 100 cities in 35 countries to become ISO certified across three standards.

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