MBOT Urges City to Advance Opening Preparedness

Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


June 9, 2020


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June 5, 2020

Mayor Bonnie Crombie & Members of Mississauga City Council

300 City Centre Drive

Mississauga, Ontario

L5B 3C1

VIA EMAIL – City.Clerk@mississauga.ca


Madam Mayor & Members of Council,

Re: Advanced Preparation for Business Re-openings from COVID-19

The Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) continues its interest in seeing a responsible re-opening of businesses in the City of Mississauga in conjunction with the Province of Ontario. Some business sectors will need additional support from Government especially as it relates to municipal government approvals and assistance.

MBOT is very encouraged by a program launched in the City of Toronto entitled CafeTO. Its goal is to help restaurants, bars and other businesses that can use outdoor spaces to conduct their businesses in this new environment. The New Release announcing this initiative is included here.

Effectively, the City of Toronto is creating a pro-active team now to ensure that when re-openings are permitted by the Provincial Government that these businesses are ready to go.

MBOT requests that the City of Mississauga immediately commence a similar program so our local businesses can move ahead with re-openings right away.


Yours truly,

David Wojcik

President & CEO


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