McRae Continues Its Fabric Innovation with NGen Partnership

Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Board of Trade


January 27, 2021


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McRae continues its rich history of fabric innovation in partnership with Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen), the industry-led organization behind Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster.

For over two decades McRae has been a global leader in fabric innovation and this history of expertise gave McRae the ability to successfully pivot to the development and manufacturing of PPE at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This critical pivot not only provided desperately needed PPE but kept McRae’s team of loyal employees working providing an economic benefit for the GTA business community.

“I am pleased and honored that NGen has chosen McRae as a first-round winner of its strategic supply challenge. The NGen organization shares the same values as McRae in its commitment to advanced manufacturing technologies to supply cost competitive critical products that can be used in Canada’s fight against COVID-19 and beyond. This approach builds sustainable made-in-Canada products from companies like McRae that support the Canadian economy on a long-term basis.” said Bob Murray CEO of McRae.

With these funds McRae is developing an advanced manufacturing facility for the production of nanomaterial functionalized fabrics that provide an antimicrobial shield and, UV light accessory that will reactivate periodically the antimicrobial coating. The initial manufactured product will be seat covers, that will be used in locations that require frequent and rapid disinfection, such as healthcare facilities, public transport, sports, and academic institutions.

“These projects are not simply investments in products to address the pandemic,” said Jayson Myers, CEO, NGen. “They are investments in advanced manufacturing processes and technologies that will help meet the immediate needs created by COVID-19, while also developing a sustainable, globally competitive and cost-effective domestic supply that can be applied to industry needs beyond the pandemic.”

McRae expects to provide its first shipment of products to customers by Q2 of next year and will continue to scale its manufacturing capabilities as demand grows continuing its leadership in fabric innovation and leadership.


About McRae: has a rich history of innovation and serving global clients for the past 55 years. McRae is one of only a few production companies in the world that combines all sourcing and production in one facility to simplify complex supply chain issues and maintain a high standard of quality. The result is a set of products and services that always delights customers with on time and on budget consistency. For more information please contact Sperry Bilyea –

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